Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Explorer: Week 3, Day 1

Monday marked the first week of Advanced Waterstart Scuba sleep-away camps. Part of the camp includes personal reflection on individual scientific exploration, so we will be getting daily updates from the students themselves.

Here is what campers Ryan Lane and Nathaniel Hartwig had to say about Monday:

"Today, we were filled with excitement. It was the first day of the Advanced Waterstart Scuba Camp at the BIOS. Having been assigned our room in which we will be staying for the next four nights, we headed straight to lunch. Lunch, surprisingly, was absolutely delicious and fueled me for the rest of the day. Later, we took our scuba tanks and BCDs down to the dock and loaded up the boat. Unfortunately, today was an overcast and rainy day. Luckily scuba diving lifted our spirits, and made us forget about the rain.

Although we could only explore the small, shallow area of Whale Bone Bay, we saw several exotic species of marine life. This included three tiny squid, sea anemones, a puffer fish, and a massive brain coral. I also saw a fascinating squirrel fish hiding in the depths of a small cave. 

We didn’t do much science today; however, I do think that throughout the next few days, we will learn a great deal about the scientific ecology and properties of the ocean. We did see a cool experiment preformed by Dready though, where an egg was cracked deep below the surface of the ocean. The egg yolk remained intact, as well as most of the white proteins around it. This demonstrated the great pressures and differing densities that exist at deep depths of the ocean which kept the egg together."

And you can watch this egg experiment right here:

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