Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Explorer: Week 2, Day 3

From the beginning of recorded history, there was a man roaming the earth. Some say he had long hair. Others claim they've seen him with dreadlocks. But today, as we celebrate his 2000th birthday (give or take 3 years), Dready parties the only way he knows how...with Waterstart.

To kick off Dready's birthday celebration, the campers congratulated him on the successful passing of his PADI Divemaster. Although he had to spend many long hours laboring over the difference between a J Valve and K Valve (among other 'very important' facts), the hard work paid off as Dready became part of the illustrious Professional Diver crew.

Then, it was time for a little entertainment. Two students going for their Advanced Open Water certification, Jacques and Josh, took to the football field with Graham to walk around with buckets on their heads as they learned how to use a compass (and make Dready laugh). Sadly for Dready, Jacques and Josh did quite well and were ready to take the next step to navigating in the water.

The other students continued their PADI bookwork, learning more about no decompression diving, dive tables, and the effects water has on an individual's senses. After completing some Knowledge Reviews, the students took to Polaris as Dready guided them out to the magnificent Whalebone Bay.

The students were split up into three groups, and each would have a turn in the water with JP and kayaking with Graham. The kayak tours were a bit bumpy, but students seemed to really enjoy themselves. Gigi C. was heard saying "I am having SO much fun right now. Like you can't even imagine how much I'm enjoying this." Although her kayak mate Jojo M. was a bit annoyed with Gigi's constant singing of Finding Nemo tunes, she agreed. Kit Kat M. had a stellar time pulling Jacques C. for much of the kayak journey (he was 'tired'), and the duo of Dylan L. and Dan M. flew through the water. According to JP, all the students participating in SCUBA continued to refine their skills well and many are well on their way to the next PADI certification.

Tomorrow promises to bring more smiles as Waterstart teams up with MSI offshore for a deep dive (for advanced students), and the students continue to learn about the world that surrounds them.

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