Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MSI: Updates From The Interns

This morning, just north of Fort St. Katherine, amidst the advance of tropical storm Bret, the MSI interns laid transect lines around which they identified 28 species of fish and 5 of coral. 

Khalil, one of our interns, gathered coral population data just east of the initial dive to use in a presentation assigned by his school. "Today was a day of research for me. We recorded fish and coral number at Fort St. Katherine's. We recorded the number of the five most common coral species and 28 of the most common reef fish species. Today was extremely fun." 

John commented that, "We spent an entire dive scrutinizing fish along the the transect lines we laid. We saw puddingwives, grunts, parrotfish and many more pretty fish. The plethora of colours and shapes of the fish were really cool." 

Liam added, "Our fish survey was very successful. I saw many brilliant specimens, covering a wider spectrum of the fish list than yesterday. The highlight of the dive for me was seeing the largest squirrelfish I have ever seen." 

The interns are are becoming experts at using scientific instruments underwater. Taylor admitted that, "Being our third dive using transects, I felt that I finally got the hang of floating above the coral reef and recording the fish I saw."

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