Friday, July 8, 2011

Explorer: Week 1 Graduates

Yesterday wrapped up the first week of Waterstart summer camps, 2011. Whether it was mastering a snorkel, breathing under water for the first time or becoming an advanced scuba diver, each one of the students took significant strides in ocean exploration.
The students gained invaluable experiences throughout the week- learning from scientists, archeologists, dive masters and, most of all, each other. We wanted to congratulate Paul DeSheild, Bethsheba Jones, Jordan Smith, Olivia Zen-Alous, Anna Cutler, Kathy Hui, Lauren Allen, Aiden Young, Chris Doherty, Calum Maule and Jamison Percy for completing the Waterstart program.

A special congratulations goes out to Paul from Bermuda Institute, Beth from Dellwood Middle School, Jordan from TN Tatem, and Olivia from BHS who were chosen by their respective schools to receive a scholarship to attend the Waterstart program.

We would also really like to thank Paul who took all the wonderful pictures used this week.

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