Thursday, July 14, 2011

Explorer: Week 2, Day 4

As JP said, today was a "marathon of diving." We started off the day with a quick circle time during which we learned that the students really enjoyed yesterday's kayak trips, and diving in Whale Bone Bay. Knowing that we would were headed to a beautiful shipwreck today, they were very excited for what today day had to offer as well.

After mooring up with the MSI boat at the Pelinaion, Jacques C. and Josh S. hopped in the water with the MSI students, Graham, Dready and Dean to do an Adventure Deep Dive. They
descended to 64 feet, and showed extreme maturity and control throughout the entire course of the dive. The two Waterstart students played with 'the egg' at depth (see The Egg YouTube video), and saw how a bag that was red at the surface appeared black at depth. After a 3 minute safety stop at 15 feet on top of the wreck, the students all surfaced for a brief surface interval.

Next on the agenda was an Adventure Wreck Dive, also on the Pelinaion. On the deep dive, Dready spotted a massive lion fish that he wanted to spear so he led the group of students down to the reef invader. With great aim and preparation, Dready successfully speared the lion fish and secured himself a delicious dinner for tonight...I mean he secured BIOS a fascinating organism to study. Because of residual nitrogen levels, the wreck dive was relatively short but was very entertaining and fun. After another 3 minute safety stop, the group ascended and headed back to Polaris.

While Jacques and Josh were diving, the rest of the group participated in a REEF Fish Survey off of Charles Island. According to Gigi C. "It was awesome and we got to see so many amazing fish!" Emily and Dylan also noted that they had a great time participating in the survey. After completing the surveys, they joined up with the rest of the group at the Pelinaion to swap some gear for an afternoon of diving.

Next in the water were Emily, Dylan, Jojo, Gigi and Daniel for Open Water dive 3 at the Rita Zavetta. Following the successful completion of a number of surface skills, the lot descended down to the wreck and went on a fun dive with JP and Graham. It proved to be a beautiful dive, and all the divers did a wonderful job.

Finally, Kenyu, Kobe and Tyler entered the water at the Rita Zavetta for their Open Water dive. JP and Graham had an epic battle with a pudding wife in a sand pit. Even though Kobe said the pudding wife won, I think it was a safe draw!

With all the dives done, the Waterstart group went back to BIOS to complete some dive book work. Kimone drew a beautiful drawing to submit for the Marine Science Day T-shirt competition, and we all wish her the best of luck!

Day 5 has crept up on us this week, but we're all very excited to end Waterstart week 2 with a bang!

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