Thursday, July 14, 2011

MSI: Coral Surveys

Here is a Marine Science Internship update from Khalil:

“Today, July 14th, we went to the Pelinaion and did three dives. One deep, one wreck and one science dive. The science dive was the most interesting to me because we counted the number of the five major coral on the reef (Diploria strigosa, Diploria labyrinthiformis, Montastrea cavernosa, Montastrea franskii, Porites asteroides and Gorgonia ventalina) and I got to wrap my mind around the vast number of coral on the reef.”

During the Science dive near the Pelinaion wreck, the interns laid three 25 meter transect lines and surveyed the varied coral species one meter on either side of the line. The data that they collected is shown in the graph below:

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