Monday, August 1, 2011

Explorer: Week 4, Day 1

This morning, eleven bounding bundles of excitement made their way to BIOS to start another week of Waterstart camp. The students started the day by getting to know each others' names in a game we like to call, "The Winds Have Changed." Excited to have made so many new friends, the students then headed over to Clark lab where they were shown a few PADI videos which introduced- or reminded- them of the basics of scuba diving. Then they completed the swim test in the lovely Reach (the water just off of BIOS's dock) against a substantial current as Divemaster Graham relaxed on a rainbow-girly float.

They then hopped onto Polaris to set sail (or motor) to Cooper's Island where the students snorkeled and witnessed firsthand the diverse beauty of the ocean. After identifying a few species of fish, Captain Skinner started Polaris back up and headed over to the Pelinion shipwreck where students swam over relics of history in impeccable visibility. After swimming around a bit more, the students headed back to BIOS to review scuba hand signals and gear set up.

After a full day of exploration and friendship, the students finally headed home to rest for tomorrow- when many will be taking their first breaths underwater!

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