Monday, August 29, 2011

MSI: The Last Day of Diving…

On Thursday the MSI’s headed out to complete their last two dives of the internship!

In the morning we went out to North Rock to study the condition of the coral, which involved looking at the percentage of healthy versus diseased colonies along 30 meter transects. The MSI’s recorded all incidences of coral bleaching, black band disease, white plague and yellow band.  After switching tanks we headed back out to the wreck of the Dredger in the North Lagoon where we had a recreational dive, weaving in and out of the shipwreck through it’s various portholes. As we came around to the top of the Dredger, Michael and Eliza noticed a 6-foot barracuda just hanging out at the top of the tower. It wasn’t even moving! Just taking us all in, so we kept our distance and continued exploring the swim-throughs of the sunken vessel.

This is what Eliza had to say: In the afternoon we went to the Dredger for a fun dive. It was so cool! The boat was almost completely intact so you could swim into the different cabins and see what the boat was like. On the top of the boat we saw a huge six foot barracuda! I wasn’t scared of it! Today was really awesome!

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