Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Explorer: Waterstart 2011 Final Week Begins

Yesterday, fifteen young adults filled Clark Lab to begin the final week of 2011 Waterstart summer camps. After a perfunctory swim test, the campers headed out to North Rock to snorkel around and become familiar with their gear. One of the campers, Magaret Maguire, is returning for her third Waterstart week this summer and working on her PADI underwater photography specialist. She went on a snapping frenzy out at North Rock, meters below the snorkelers.

The MSI interns were also out near North Rock on Monday, so the Waterstart campers were able to observe them laying out transect lines in a black-band coral disease occurrence study and complete butterfly-fish follows.

Today, the campers braved an initial squall out at Whalebone bay to enjoy the beautiful, clear, sunny skies that followed. Many of the campers took their first breaths underwater in the placid Whalebone bay waters, meeting their instructor with wide-eyes, full of excitement.

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