Thursday, August 4, 2011

Explorer: A Mini Adventure!

As four students were underwater completing their first confined water with JP and Graham, Dready saw a number of students signaling ‘emergency’ from a dock 300 yards away. Dready immediately sprung into action, signaled for JP and Graham to surface, and briefed them on the issue. Without knowing the nature of this emergency, Dready and Graham quickly swam to the dock to offer assistance and possible first aid. Little did they know they would be administering first aid on a Longtail.
The students told Dready and Graham that a Longtail was tangled in a spool of fishing line. After breathing a quick sigh of relief that a student wasn’t injured as they first thought, they quickly began to assess the situation. They determined that they could free the bird from the fishing line with a knife, so Graham swam to the boat to retrieve his knife and swam back to the dock. With Dready holding the Longtail, Graham cut the line from the bird.
Dready determined that the bird would need further help, so they brought it back to Polaris in a bucket, and took it to BIOS at the end of the day. Forrest, a Waterstart alum and the current Small Boats Manager at BIOS, graciously offered to transport the bird to the aquarium for further treatment.
According to the latest from the aquarium, they will be able to help the bird and get it into shape enough to fly again.
Waterstart 2011: Saving one Longtail at a time.

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