Monday, August 1, 2011

MSI: Week 3, Day 1

The MSI's returned to the BIOS this morning rested, refreshed and ready to begin their last week of the internship. They headed over to Castle Harbor first thing this morning to study fish behavior. Each intern observed the feeding behaviors of two male and two female Queen Parrotfish, being sure to time and count the number of bites each fish took off of the reef. The interns will use this data to estimate the difference in impact between male and female parrotfish.

After scaring all of the parrotfish away, the interns were taught how to take scientific underwater footage by Dean Lea, Scuba Instructor and Ocean Academy's videographer and executive producer. Scientists often use underwater footage to take surveys of different species of coral or fish. The interns will be taking the footage from their dives this week to calculate coral and algae coverage and diversity at different locations across the island.

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