Friday, August 5, 2011

MSI: The End of an Era - Round 1

Congratulations to Andreas Ratteray, John Russell, Kori Jackman, Khalil Smith, Liam Nash and Taylor Schendel on completing their three week Marine Science Internship today!

On their final day the interns were honored to shadow Ms. Elena Strong from the National Museum of Bermuda in Dockyard. She showed them how archeologists had begun studying and conserving the artifacts recovered in a previous week from the Warwick wreck in Castle harbour. The interns were also given access to other artifacts recovered from more recent wrecks, as well as the Warwick itself.

Some highlights from the past three weeks: Kori Jackman and Andreas Ratteray became Advanced Divers, then Andreas and Taylor Schendel joined John Russell and Liam Nash in the ranks of PADI Rescue Scuba Diver.

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