Friday, August 10, 2012

Waterstart Week 6!

This week at Waterstart the students were especially enthusiastic. While the majority worked on their Advancedd Open Water certification, some worked on their Open Water as well.

This week was unique because of the perfect weather conditions which allowed us to spend a few days on the North Shore. As Phoebe Heslop described Wednesday’s dive at the Madiana wreck, “We were all so lucky that the water was so clear and calm. This allowed us to visit both Hog Breaker and the Madiana! It also allowed for amazing visibility. I had so much fun this week with all the amazing diving as well as the fun people I was with!”
While Phoebe enjoyed the company and visibility, Tyler Dickinson was fascinated by the two wrecks The Madiana and The Pelanion. In his words, “Diving on a wreck is very special to Bermuda and is probably one of the best diving experiences.”

This week was special because the students stayed at BIOS on Thursday night, allowing us to have a bonfire and night dive at Whalebone Bay. One student glowed that, “We had great times together and have an unbreakable bond between us. We saw each others true colors at the bonfire and had so much fun!” When discussing the dive Jessica Petty said, “The night dive was completely hectic, seeing as the entire population of fry was attracted to our underwater lights! We managed to penetrate their walls, but with a lot of chaos! It was amazing!”

As the week drew to an end, it was clear that our students had bonded over these experiences and many  more. We hope to see many of them back for future Waterstart adventures!
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