Friday, August 10, 2012

MSI – Session 2 Update

On Wednesday morning the interns participated in a fun dive at the Madianna wreck.  They followed that up with a second dive at Rock Up Reef, where they did stationary point counts to identify as many different fish species as they could.

Yesterday, the interns dove at Crescent Reef, where they did fish counts using the belt transect and roving diver methods.  Check out this video of our interns hard at work doing their fish counts.

When the interns returned to BIOS, they created bar graphs to represent the fish populations they counted on their dives.  Then they played Coral Jeopardy, which Caroline Vanacore won.

Today, the interns identified different species of sea grasses growing in Bailey’s Bay.  Additionally, they measured shoot density and blade height of turtle grass.

The interns are eagerly awaiting next week's activities, which will include deep water and night dives.  

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