Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MSI Session 2 Update:

Introducing the BIOS Marine Science Internship 2012 Session 2 Interns:

 Jamie Gauk

 Hattie Woodward

 Eliza Gardner

 Caroline Vanacore

 Jackie Buchanon

On Monday our interns started off by searching through Sargassum to find organisms living within the patches of seaweed.  The interns found swimming crabs, Sargassum fish, shrimp, and a sea hare, which is a type of nudibranch.

Then the interns headed out for their first day of diving.  They practiced laying down 30-meter transect lines and identifying the corals found along the transect.

Today, the interns practiced identifying corals in the lab.  They also looked at Zooxanthellae under microscopes.  Additionally, the interns practiced separating coral from algae.  During today’s dive, the interns practiced coral counting and videotaping strategies.

In their own words:  Jamie
“Today we laid a 30-meter transect and counted coral colonies along the transect.  Then we video taped the coral face approximately a meter to the side of the transect.”

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