Monday, July 23, 2012

MSI Update

Our interns have been very busy gathering data!  On Wednesday the team dove in Harrington Sound, where they measured the sizes and populations of conch.  On Thursday, the team did a fish count in the Bermuda mangroves at Hungry Bay with Dr. Robbie from the Bermuda Aquarium.  When the interns finished collecting data, they shared it with Dr. Robbie, who plans to use it with his research.  On Friday, the team measured the coverage of sea urchins at Concrete Beach off the shore of the Biostation.  Friday afternoon, the interns relaxed at a celebratory barbeque.


Today, the interns collected and identified different species of algae from the dock at BIOS.  Then, the interns learned about bathymetry and created bathymetric maps using clay to represent underwater terrains.  Finally, the interns created small ROVs and practiced driving them in fresh water tanks.

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