Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lionfish, Navigation, Photography, OH MY!

Our Navigation dive didn’t start underwater but on the field, where we practiced our compass navigation through completing different patterns. We then moved to the water where we used our skills in a more realistic situation. This was a fun way to learn the essential skill of underwater navigation.


Our photography dive was exciting because it was a challenge to carryout our first dive using an unfamiliar skillset. On the dive we took photos of aquatic life whilst keeping in mind the factors of both color and light loss and absorption as we dove deeper. Although it was difficult to capture moving sea life, the dive was more than worthwhile.

O.S.F. Lionfish & Shark Presentation
Although most of us were aware of the presence of sharks and lionfish, Corey Eddy from the O.S.F. further educated us on the features, diets and impacts of these fish.  The presentation inspired us to contribute to attempts at lionfish eradication in Bermuda. Many of us were also surprised to learn about the various species of sharks that swim in these waters!

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