Thursday, July 26, 2012

From Acid to Lionfish!

Today Dr. Mara led us in testing the effects of ocean acidity on artemia. In this case we used vinegar to alter the pH of seawater in order to observe how it would affect their hatching. In the end we discovered that significantly less artemia were able to hatch in the lower pH created by the vinegar.

On the diving side of things, we had a great boat ride out to hourglass reef while waves rocked the boat. There, some of us went on a deep dive down to 60 feet where we saw many parrotfish, sergeant majors, and trumpet fish. When we got to the outer reef we saw a HUGE lionfish: about 17 inches long. After surfacing, Dready and Beth tried to go back down to spear it but alas! They couldn’t find it. No lionfish sushi tonight! 

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