Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Explorer: Week 1, Day 3

Here are words from one of our students, Beth!
"Today, I went snorkeling and saw an array of different animals, such as comb jellies, soft shell crabs and much more at Castle Harbor. Before that, I was snorkeling upon a shipwreck (the Warwick wreck) that wrecked in 1619 after the Sea Venture that carried the very first colonists. We stayed at the wreck and took part in three different activities. I learned all about the wreck and saw some artifacts like cannonballs. My favorite part of the day was snorkeling with the comb jellies."

At the Warwick wreck we had the chance to learn about the history of the wreck and observe the archeologists use mylar to map the wooden planking on the boat after these artifacts were recovered. We snorkeled over surveyors who spent hours under water, meticulously mapping the wreck recording any treenails or distinct characteristics and taking dimensions of every nook and cranny.

Jamison, another student, had a great time on the boat ride back to the station where, "we learned a bunch of new games like thumper and mafia!" While another student, Calum, completed his navigation dive and is on his way to advanced certification!

We will be returning to the Warwick next week with MSI students and hopefully, technology willing, we'll have some video clips to share.

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