Thursday, July 18, 2013

First Week of MSI, Session 1 !!!

Meet the dive team:

Jonas (right), Michelle (2nd on left), Tyler (center), and JD (2nd on right) are all from Bermuda. Ryan (left) is from California.

This week we have been focusing on learning the names of different types of fish and corals. So far the interns can name at least 75 fish and 12 types of hard coral!

On each of the dives they have learned how to survey fish and coral populations by three different methods. For one of the methods they lay a thirty-meter transect, and record what is on the bottom of the ocean at each meter mark. To survey fish populations they can use their thirty-meter transects with roving divers to count the number of different fish they observe. With the third method, the diver stays stationary at one point on the transect and slowly turns in a circle over a period of 8 minutes recording what they see.

Dive sites visited:

Day 1: Rock Up Reef and North Rock

Day 2: Natural Arches and Pelinaion

Day 3: Madiana

For some photos of the dive team hard at work like BIOS - Ocean Academy on Facebook! 

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