Friday, July 19, 2013

Daniel Maguire, BIOS Intern at Waterstart

Waterstart Intern Interview

Seventeen-year-old Daniel Maguire has been with BIOS for the past three years. After doing the Marine Science Internship at BIOS last summer, Daniel is working as an intern for Waterstart this year.

Discussing what it is like working for BIOS and the Waterstart program, he spoke with excitement and vivacity, "As an intern, I'm in the action of things and seeing all of this innovation and creativity going on with the water and with the marine environment of Bermuda. I love being a part of this progress and helping students who will be the next generation of explorers and scientists. They will be solving these large problems that we have with our current ecosystem." He enjoys watching the students grow as they become more aware of the ocean as he had enjoyed Waterstart immensely for two years. 

When it comes to working at BIOS, Daniel is very enthusiastic about his internship and encourages others to join." I would definitely recommend helping out with Waterstart as an intern. I would especially recommend it to those who have done Waterstart in the past because they understand what has been going on, and can continue the enjoyable experience. However for those who have not, Waterstart is just a great way to hop in the water and get to see so many amazing sites around Bermuda and to really see the island from the aspect of the water."

Daniel believes that everyone should take action when it comes to the problems that Bermuda's ecosystem is facing since it is becoming essential to preserve our beautiful coral reefs and marine life. He talks about how in comparison to other programs, Waterstart provides a range of activities interacting with the environment while scuba diving as well as education inside the lab. 
"I feel as though this program is really hands on working in the environment whereas some other programs may just discuss problems in the classroom. Others may just offer scuba diving and no other activities. However, Waterstart really takes it to the hands-on level so that you can actually see what's going on, how we are effecting it and what needs to be done to have things run smoother environmentally."

Daniel reflects fondly on his initial experiences with Waterstart, "When I first began Waterstart, my favourite part about it was being with friends and getting to experience the water from a whole new angle because it was my first experience scuba diving. It was amazing; I absolutely loved it." 

-Blog by Sophia Collis and Alice Graham-Welton 

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